television vandals

There were 3 television stations to choose from. Some residents could pick up a snowy broadcast of Channel 12 from New York.


specials Quoit Club

Sea Food was terribly expensive in 1957, unless you’re looking back over a half century.

Maywood Farmsan Records 

The latest rock and roll hits could be purchased from Berman’s for under $1


The Rex, which began as the Ideal Theatre in 1911, would close forever a month after these science fiction movies were shown.

Polish Falcons

The Polish Falcons is no more, gone the way of dozens of social organizations that date back to the very beginning of Nanticoke, including The Improved Order of Red Men, Woodmen of the World, and Knights of the Golden Eagle. .

Honor Roll

These Parochial School children of 1957 graduated High School and found their way into the wider world. Have any of them remained in Nanticoke and made their homes among us?