Mack Street Nanticoke

Lt./Col. Edward C. Mack

Edward C. Mack

Many residents of Nanticoke may not know that Mack Street was opened in 1959 and was named in honor of Col. Edward C. Mack, a Nanticoke native and WWII Veteran.

As early as high school, the youth distinguished his self by defeating a wrestler by the name of Joe Mott, who challenged all comers at a carnival in Lincoln Field.

Mack, a West Point graduate, was stationed with the US Army in the Panama Canal from 1931 to 1933 and then Fort Wadsworth.

Col. Mack was one of three soldiers from Nanticoke captured by the Japanese during WWII. The men were tortured and used as slave labor until the end of the war. Despite painful injuries after the surrender of Corregidor, he continued to help and minister to the troops of his command until his death as a prisoner of the Japanese. Joseph L. Stepanski, another Nanticoke native, later recalled that Col. Mack was “a fine soldier and gentleman.”


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