Nanticoke was where it all began


Our Friends and Neighbours, The Tilbury Fire Co. just across the river do a fine job every year in presenting a seasonal show. From it's humble beginnings, it was not as elaborate then in any way and many improvements have been made since then. A great deal of credit for the hard work of the firemen is well deserved.


The history of Horror Hall started about 30 years ago when 3 young men sat on a porch on a cool October evening. The 3 exchanged stories of ghosts, goblins and vampires, in the sprit of the season. Ahead of them about 30 yards was an old school house of the 1800's vintage. In the dim light of the silhouette, the Victorian building resembled something that might be seen in colonial Salem Massachusetts. The schoolhouse, which belongs to a local parish was in disrepair. It was old and neglected due to sparse funds. The building was used occasionally for a bingo game or an occasional picnic.


The one young man who helped the parish in many ways suggested to his friends "Lets get the keys and give ourselves a scare." and thus the concept of a "Haunted House" was born.

Friends of these young gentlemen had been involved with a local Theater Group - The Valley Theater Guild. The idea of a Haunted House inspired them. So, with costumes and make up, props (sometimes homemade or crafted from garage storage items), a project immerged and the name "Horror Hall" was coined. The project lasted a few years then the members lost interest. Few volunteers could be found to help and proceeds barely covered expenses. Props, supplies costumes and other materials were donated to the Tilbury Fire Company. A terrible fire destroy the old school. The story has it that some youths got in to hang with friends and started a fire to keep warm. The collections of paints and dried materials was the perfect kindling to the perfect fire.


Today, the Valley has a multitude of Haunted Houses. It has truly become an element of the local culture. Nobody lays any claim to "Horror Hall" except to it's history. We wish the Tilbury Fire Company prosperity and good fortune.