Bartuska Furniture Goes Out of Business

The closing of Bartuska Furniture Store removes another Nanticoke icon from the depleted business district along E. Main Street.

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The family business opened in 1934 as Bartuska’s Sewing Shop at 202 E. Main Street, specializing in repairs and sales of new and used sewing machines. It was later expanded into a general store, to include furniture, toys, radios and appliances.


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Times Leader, Thursday, 10/18/1945

In 1953, a Maytag Chieftain Washing Machine was selling for $129.95, which you could purchase on “Easy Terms with a Liberal Trade-In” and during the Washington’s Birthday celebration sale in 1960, RCA Victor “Ashley” console tv sets went at the bargain price of “$229.95.

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The business had moved across the street to the former showrooms of the Catnes Auto and Sales Center at 147-151 E. Main Street by the early nineteen sixties, where it flourished over the next half century.

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In 2001, brothers James and Denis Bartuska (grandchildren of Peter Bartuska, Sr.), co-owners of the business, opened their new bedding warehouse at 136 E. Main, former site of Mara MFG and Bargain City Outlet. Mrs. Anna Bartuska, co-founder of the business, celebrated her 90th birthday in March.

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By 2012, however, the long dormant economic climate in Nanticoke made it impossible for the Bartuska family to continue servicing the community as it had in the past and they decided to close the business.

Many a Nanticoke resident walking along E. Main Street in the next couple of years will turn their eyes to the building, expecting to see the Bartuska family welcoming them into their showroom, only to realize with a sudden jolt that, like so many departed commercial enterprises, the building is now the repository of silence and memories.

Thank You, Bartuska Family, for your contribution to the economic vitality of Nanticoke City, and we wish you well in the future.

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