400 Club 2010

The City of Nanticoke has witnessed the formation and passing of many social clubs during the hundred plus years of its existence, many of which have passed into memory or have been forgotten.

The Knights of the Golden Eagle, Woodmen of the World and Improved Order of Red Men are just a few of the names relegated to the history books, along with innumerable home based card clubs and garden clubs with anywhere from a few to a few dozen members.

  Others have survived the passage of time and still grace the city with their continued participation in the social life of the town, including the Eagles, Masons and Quoit Club

The 400 Club has been a familiar fixture on Prospect Street for several decades and its roster of members includes many of the most prominent names associated with Nanticoke City.  

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officers IMGWeb Master's note: Past President John Wydra
misprint, should be John Wyda. John Wyda past away July, 2012. obit Correction submitted by Duaghter Barbara Hanft.


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