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Thank you so much for your contributions. As this is a new page feature on our site, please allow us to time to update our page with past submissions. Most submissions come to us from Facebook. Some photos come from emails we get from you. This is our way to offer you your way to share our history with everyone. Thank you.


Brians Photo Diane's Photo Theresa Yankowski Wyzinski' Photo
Brian Ptashinski
Whitehall, PA Apr 2014
Diane Winter Bicjan, Nanticoke PA, June 2013 1923 photo of the Jankowski Theresa Yankowski Wyzinski. June 2012
John's Photo Johanna's Photo Chuck's Photo
John Rynkiewicz Rochester, NY, Nov 2012  Johanna Prochaska Lambert Plymouth, PA, Jan 2014
Chuck Anziulewicz
West Virginia University

May 2014
Nanticoke Nockers
Blog Photo Aug. 19, 2014 Display at St Faustina's
John Allan Plummer
via Facebook
June 2014
Blog Photo Aug. 19, 2014
By Judy Minsavage for NHS
Display Courtesy of Mark Wolf
St. Faustina's Oct. 19, 2014
Former mayor John Haydog in Jeruselem  
Gaylon Hooper White This baseball was signed by Stout Steve Bilko and his 1956 Los Angeles Angel teammates - The Bilko Athletic Club.
Blog story Dec. 2014