The Honey Pot section of Nanticoke is one of the most remarkable “hidden villages” in the Wyoming Valley. According to lore, the residential settlement derives its name from the abundance of wild bees that grew in the northwest corner of Nanticoke in 1894.

Imagine an Alpine Village and that is the impression you will derive looking upon Honey Pot after a good blanket of snow has covered the hillsides and homes. At any given moment, you might expect a one-horse sleigh to round the corner, carrying singing children on their way to a visit with the grandparents.

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Someone not familiar with the area once described it as akin to “finding a town in the hollow of a tooth,” after observing it nestled in a mini valley between Nanticoke City and the hills hiding it from view of the Susquehanna River.

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Pikes Peak overlooking the Susquehanna River was named after the famous mountain in Colorado. The Peak was also known as “Eagles Nest” as late as the nineteen twenties and it was said you could see as far as the Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre on a clear day.


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Honey Pot is also famous for the many baseball players who made names for themselves in the sport: Steve Bilko, Al Cicocki and Ted Hiller, for which Ted Hiller Park is named and is the home of the Nanticoke Teener League.   


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The Honey Pot Volunteer Fire Company is one of only three remaining fire companies in Nanticoke City, created out of necessity because companies from the city often found it difficult, if not impossible, to reach fires in the community in the early part of the Twentieth Century.

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This Honey Pot curiosity intrigues every visitor to the community.

The streets of Honey Pot can be an ordeal for the unwary stranger. There are no straight paths and the roads curve and twist upon each other in such a way that it is easy for the uninitiated to lose track and not know that he has left one street and entered another.