Nanticoke City & New Port Township

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History of Nanticoke city and Newport Township

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by Charles Ciesla and the Nanticoke Historical Society

Copyright © 2003 ISBN#0-99678514-7-5

The story of the History of Naticoke and Newport Township is a compilation of many sources. The contributions came from the members of the Nanticoke Historical Society.

"Naturally a great deal of information was derived from dozens of of other books, especially Bradsby's Luzerne
County, Harvey & Smith's Wilkes-Barre, Janosov's Mine History, Petrillo susquehanna, and Phillips Luzerne County. A lot of information has been derived from early histories written by Henry Plumb, Charles Ciesla, Mark Regulski, and Bob Howells. The storehouses of information at the Mill Library, Osterhout, Nanticoke and Luzerne County Historical Libraries provide a lot of detail"

This 361 page book contains hundreds of photos, drawings illustrations and maps detailing stories dating back to 1703 thru 2003. This is an encyclopedia of facts and lore to entertain and capture the mind the the reader. The fascinating stories about the early farmers, native Americans and Miners will captivate and charm you back from the earliest days to the present. The timeline transcends through the days of early settlers through World War II and the Industrial Revolution. Experience as though you were there as the coal industry and railroads grew to incredible strength and prosperity. Re-live and visit the time when churches and schools developed into the backbone of the community. Little history is untouched in this riveting chronicle. This is a must read for all ages and anybody who has been raised in the Wyoming Valley.

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