The May edition of the Historical Society Newsletter -  mystery question:

 Prior to John F. Kennedy's memorable campaign stop in Nanticoke, what former U.S. President visited Nanticoke. And what caused the former chief executive to cut short his speech to residents who gathered to greet him?  


Theodore Roosevelt

John F. Kennedy’s visit to Nanticoke during his 1961 presidential campaign is still talked about by those who lined the streets to get a quick glimpse of him. Kennedy’s motorcade didn’t stop along the route to enable him to speak to the crowd. In 1914, on a whistle stop campaign tour, Pennsylvania Governor Gifford  Pinchot, did stop long enough to say a few words to the crowd. On hand to stump for Pinchot, was former President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt. When the chief executive emerged from the train to address the crowd, he was greeted by what some called a “drunken city resident” spewing some harsh rhetoric. All who had excitedly gathered to see Roosevelt in person were disgusted by the man’s comments, but nothing was done to stop him. Roosevelt immediately returned to the train car and shortly thereafter the train pulled out.

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