researchLooking for information about a family,
business, or specific person from Nanticoke?
You are in luck!

click on this link to access our research form:    Resarch

The Nanticoke Historical Society will research your request to help you find information.

When submitting your request we ask that you have a specific name, place, or even a specific person that you are looking for. Looking for "all" information available is too broad for our volunteer staff to handle.

You can email the dedicated volunteer staff at or call them at 570.258.1367 with your request. There is a small fee associated with each request to cover the cost of the research and photo retrieval. The staff will talk to you about the fee and any additional questions they may have to help find your information.

When emailing your request, please include the following information:

Your Name:

Your Address including city, state, and zip

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Description of Research/Photo Request:

Any additional pertinent information to assist with your request.

Please understand that this service is provided as a courtesy and that all search is done by Nanticoke Historical Society volunteers. Requests are processed in the order they are received and may take some time to produce results. Volunteers are not responsible for the data contained in your results, or lack thereof. There is no guarantee associated with this service and fees are non refundable. Most searches do produce results, but some do not. Your submission through email or telephone request indicates the acceptance of these terms.