On Thursday April 25, WVIA-TV aired the Our Town Nanticoke Documentary. The Nanticoke Historical Society was honored to be able to participate with members and friends volunteering to be interviewed regarding various subjects. It was an enjoyable night filled with memories and, yes, joy for the fact that everyone who gathered wanted to honor the city of Nanticoke and be able to tell their stories of how growing up and living in Nanticoke affected their lives and is a place that many people still call home. The Historical Society will have DVDs of the documentary for sale in about 4 to 6 weeks. For more information call our office

chet and cake 2

Nanticoke Historical Society Vice-President, Chet Zaremba gets ready to cut the ceremonial cake supplied by Sanitary Bakery in Nanticoke

Lisa Cake


Lisa Mazzarella, producer of the WVIA Our Town Series, serves the cake supplied by the Sanitary Bakery in Nanticoke

dotty and john

Dottie and John Stankey watch as the show gets underway


Nanticoke City was represented by from left Donna Wall, City Manager, Wendy Wiaterowski, wife of former Mayor Rich Wiaterowski, now deceased; and acting Mayor Nicole Colatosti-Mackiewicz. The confections and cake on the desk were supplied by the Luzerne County Community College Culinary Institute pastry chefs

stankey coalminers

Stankey and the Coalminers ended the 2 hours premier  with a rousing polka