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The Nanticoke Historical Society

The Nanticoke Historical Society was formed in 1996 as a number of historical sites in the city were being demolished. Notably among those were the Kosciuszko Junior High School and the State Theatre. A few life long residents of the city ranging in age from 20 to 80 realized that if certain parts of Nanticoke's history weren't preserved now, then these things would be lost forever. This group then began a quest to obtain and preserve any and all items which served as a link to Nanticoke's history.

The purpose of this preservation is threefold:
First and most obvious is the actual maintenance of those items in a manner that they may be preserved and safeguarded, however, that they may also be studied in a historical sense.

Second, to catalog and categorize these items in such a manner as to facilitate legitimate study and research.

Third, to be able to provide information to, and perform research for those who seek to learn about the history of Nanticoke and its people.